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SPR Says ‘Blackout’ During Vote Counting Process Doesn’t Affect The Results At All

Every vote counts.

The recent ‘blackout’ or electricity supply disruption at the 15th General Election polling centres did not directly impact the results or any vote manipulation as claimed by some political parties, SPR said today.

In a video uploaded by the Election Commission (SPR), an officer shared that speculation arouse after a voting centre for the Gombak parliamentary seat reported to have experienced ‘blackout’ for two minutes.

“This is mainly because many did not understand the vote counting process,” the SPR official said.

SPR: All ballot paper has serial numbers

He further revealed all the ballot paper has a serial number for the SPR officers to ‘trace’ if someone adds ballot paper during the vote counting process.

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“For example, for Saluran one, the serial number is 1 to 300, and Saluran 2 is 300 to 600.

When it comes to the counting process, the officers have to count one by one and make sure that all the ballot papers belong to the correct Saluran,” he said.

Spr says 'blackout' during vote counting process doesn't affect the results at all | weirdkaya

He explained that if the ballot papers are too much, the SPR staff will refer back to the serial number to be returned to the correct channel.

“We have to understand that there are many procedures in the vote counting process before it starts.

“All these processes are also done in front of the vote counting agents (PACA) who are the representatives sent by all the candidates. That’s what we actually have to understand first,” he further commented.

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