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About WeirdKaya

WeirdKaya is an independent news and media site founded by Malaysians that reports daily on updates, insights and viral news from Malaysia and around the world.

Our Journey

Started on 11 October 2020, WeirdKaya quickly gained traffic and attention, garnering impressive numbers on its website and several major platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Since its starting quarter, WeirdKaya has striven to become one of Malaysia’s fastest-growing media brands, reaching out to hundreds of millions of potential audiences in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines.

WeirdKaya aims to become the news source everybody wishes to have on their feed. We provide timely and trending news, weird and peculiar facts, and all sorts of content you never knew you needed, all while upholding quality standards.

In 2021, we will be branching out into a broader range of video content, by informing our viewers on the hottest food trends, while also bringing attention to all the good food around them. In addition to that, one of our planned series will also dive into the story behind the hawkers that make Malaysian food so remarkable to the world.

Our Team Members & Authors

  • Team:

    About us | weirdkaya

    Agnes loves attending conventions, and is trying her best to not be consumed by Genshin Impact.

    Agnes Gan Author
    About us | weirdkaya

    Alicia, a boba-addict, gained 3 kgs drinking boba. Her blood type is B, for Boba of course.

    Alicia Tan Author
    About us | weirdkaya

    Anna likes to combine words together, but she went and studied numbers. One of her favourite poems is a love story about prime numbers.

    Anna Wong Content Strategist
    About us | weirdkaya

    Realist, but also a dreamer chasing dreams everyday.

    Cheyenne Lye Author
    About us | weirdkaya

    Consumed by the algorithm, Grace has unlocked the ability to mindlessly waste time on Youtube.

    Grace Choong Content Strategist
    About us | weirdkaya

    This is Jin (not Gin). You can call her weird but she just want to be kaya.

    Jin Wen Chan Head of Marketing
    About us | weirdkaya

    Shiyuan has a variety of hobbies, she makes her own kimchi and soy milk from time to time. Goes hiking with friends (when she's free of course) and manage to keep some plants alive. She also enjoys cold brew despite her weak stomach. Her favourite books are Pride and Prejudice, Conversation with Friends and The Song of Achilles.

    Khoo Shiyuan Author
    About us | weirdkaya

    Esther loves to take photos.

    Esther Lee Head of Content
    About us | weirdkaya

    Loves reading and listening to jazz. She's also trying to be a good DOTA player, but don't tell her parents aite?

    Sarah Yeoh Managing Editor
    About us | weirdkaya

    Dylan's hobbies are watching movie and picking up new hobby.

    Dylan Tan Product Manager
    About us | weirdkaya

    Rydah is an International Relations(IR) graduate who firmly believes that Nasi Lemak belongs to Malaysia.

    Rydah Tan Director
    About us | weirdkaya

    What I love: food, YouTube, movie marathon & imitate anyone/anything that’s funny to me. I don’t really have a hobby but if I do it’ll turn into an autobiography book.🙃 I’m basically all over the place, I’m everywhere. 🤣

    Yu Min Content Strategist
  • Guest Authors:

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    Adrina Lee Guest Author
    About us | weirdkaya
    Lau Hui Qi Guest Author
    About us | weirdkaya
    Shiuh Jer Guest Author
    About us | weirdkaya
    Yeap Ming Liong Guest Author
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