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M’sian emails Nestlé over ‘veggie pack’-less Maggi Cup, gets an apology letter and RM5 in return

Who says there's no such thing as free lunch?

There are times where we receive products with a few missing items due to human or system errors. Some of us may choose to ignore it, while others will request for a refund.

However, this woman decided to shoot an email to the company itself after she got a Maggi Cup minus the veggie pack.

Maggie asam laksa cup
Asam Laksa Flavour Maggi Cup. Photo: 100 comments

Where are my veggies?

In a now-viral Facebook post, Ms Sim shared that back in April, she purchased a Maggi Asam Laksa instant noodle cup and discovered that it didn’t have a ‘veggie pack’ inside.

M'sian emails nestlé complaining her maggi cup has no veggie pack, ends up getting an apology letter and rm5
Photo provided to WeirdKaya.

Disappointed with the product, she then emailed Nestlé to alert them of the issue. To her surprise, she received an apology letter and even RM5 in compensation not long after.

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The letter reads:

We are sorry that you found the purchase unsatisfactory. We thank you for highlighting this matter to us as we take feedback from our customers seriously for continuous quality improvement.”

M'sian emails nestlé complaining her maggi cup has no veggie pack, ends up getting an apology letter and rm5
Apology letter by Nestlé. Provided to WeirdKaya.

‘This is real customer service!’

Speaking to WeirdKaya, Ms Sim said that she received a call from Nestlé’s customer service team on the same day she sent the email.

At first I thought they would not entertain [my email], but it turned out very well. This is my first time filing a complaint and I was served with professional services.

“They also asked for my address, and I received the letter and RM5 four months later, something I’m very happy with,” she said.

When asked about her reaction upon receiving the letter, Ms Sim said she was surprised to see Nestlé walking the talk.

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“I’ve yet to spend the RM5 as it has a commemorative value to me,” she added.

Her post has since garnered over 1,300 shares and 300 comments at the time of writing, with many praising Nestlé for handling the issue professionally.

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