Grateful mom gifts doctor who took care of her daughter free Nasi Ambeng

Heartwarming meal.

A doctor recently shared a touching story of a mother gifting her a pack of nasi ambeng as a token of appreciation for taking care of her daughter one year ago.

In the Tweet, Nazeera Nasir wrote that the woman had lost her 16-year-old daughter a year ago.

Gone but not forgotten

However, the mother never forgot the act of kindness and surprised Nazreera with a piping plate of nasi ambeng.

When Nazreera asked the mother why she wanted to give her free food, the latter replied, “Give me a chance to thank you for working hard to take care of my daughter.”

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It was an emotional affair, her mother and I hugged and cried together.

The mother also told the doctor that she had recently started a nasi ambeng business too.

Although Nazreera insisted on paying for the food, the grateful mother flatly refused and urged her to accept the gift.

It was just a reminder that going the extra mile for patients matter. I’m just so grateful that I’ve made a difference in someone’s life.

In return, Nazreera gave a shoutout for the woman’s nasi ambeng business and even shared a mouthwatering photo of it too. Yums!

Grateful mom gifts doctor who took care of her daughter free nasi ambeng
Photo from Twitter/ nzranasr

Netizens were touched by Nazreera’s story, with one noting that “giving brings great joy to the giver”.

Photo from Twitter/ nzranasr

What other ways can you think of in showing gratitude to those who’ve helped you? Let us know!

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