“I only earn RM5 a day” 75yo uncle braves FMCO storm by selling “youtiao” at RM1 each

Malaysians are a compassionate lot, aren't we?

As Malaysia undergoes the Full Movement Control Order (FMCO), many small businesses have been forced to close, leaving the hardcore poor destitute and unable to put food on the table.

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A kind-hearted Facebook user Allycia Soh shared a story of a 75-year-old uncle working hard at a humble stall in Malacca to earn his bread and butter.

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In a video clip and several photos posted by Allycia, the hunched and skinny man was seen frying youtiao (fried dough food) and beckoning to passers-by to support his business, which broke the hearts of netizens.

The post has now garnered 6,700k reactions and 32,000 shares at the time of writing.

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Located behind Malim Jaya Caltex/Starbucks, this stall sells youtiao priced at RM1 each.

Due to FMCO, there are hardly any customers buying youtiao from the uncle, putting a massive strain on his finances.

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“There are days where I only manage to sell five pieces of youtiao. Even that isn’t enough to cover the costs of running this business.”

He is also forced to throw unsold youtiao into the bin when there are no customers.

After the video went viral, many loyal customers came forward and said that the uncle used to sell youtiao along Jalan Pokok Mangga but couldn’t locate his stall after he moved to his current location.

Allycia also encouraged those living nearby to support his business and help him to survive through the pandemic.

“He doesn’t know how to make use of the Internet to promote his business. It is really a hard time for him,” she wrote.

According to her post, the stall is open daily except for Wednesdays and begins operations at 2 pm until the youtiao is sold out.

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Let’s help to share this out to support this uncle!

You can see the original Facebook post here:

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Sources: Facebook/ Allycia Soh

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