‘KL Bus Terminal’s Like An Airport’ – Foreign Tourist Praises TBS For Its Clear Signage & Effective Design

Nice design.

The Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) bus terminal in Kuala Lumpur has recently been lauded for its exceptional design and functionality, reminiscent of an airport’s efficiency.

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Impressed by the ticketing system and overall design

A tourist from Indonesia, identified as Gaz, took to social media to express his admiration for the terminal’s layout and services.

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Gaz highlighted the large departure and arrival areas at TBS, comparing them favorably to those found in airports. He was particularly impressed by the centralized ticketing system, where every counter provides tickets to various destinations, simplifying the process for travelers.

Tbs_tasik selatan_terminal bersepadu selatan
For illustrative purposes only. Photo by WeirdKaya

The ticket sales system is centralized. All counters/counters sell all PO bus tickets to various destinations.

Beyond the ease of ticket purchase, the terminal’s design facilitates straightforward navigation, a feature Gaz noted as a stark contrast to other bus terminals he has experienced.

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Tbs_terminal bersepadu selatan
For illustrative purposes only. Photo by WeirdKaya

This intuitive design is part of TBS’s broader aim to offer a comfortable and efficient service to its users.

Entering Bersepadu Selatan Terminal (TBS), KL is not complicated. Entering the building you will immediately find the lobby & ticket counter, the building layout is easy to understand.

‘It’s really like an airport’

The post, which was shared on Sunday (26 Nov), has since garnered over 1m views at press time, with many Indonesian users sharing their experience at TBS.

“[…] The departure process was really smooth, only those with tickets could enter. It’s cool, it feels like you’re at the airport. […]”

Tbs like an airport by indonesian traveller_comment 02

“The first time I went to TBS, the first words that came out of my mouth were “WoW.”

Tbs like an airport by indonesian traveller_comment 03

One also highlighted that the terminal in Kuching is also really good.

Tbs like an airport comment 04

TBS, operational since 2011, was constructed with a substantial investment of RM570 million.

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This investment is evident in the terminal’s modern amenities and strategic connections to major highways, including Lebuh Raya Sungai Besi (BESRAYA), Lebuh Raya Seremban, and Jalan Lingkaran Tengah II (MRR II), making it an accessible hub for travelers.

Gaz’s praise for TBS underscores Malaysia’s success in creating a user-friendly and efficient public transportation infrastructure, setting a high standard for bus terminals regionally and globally.

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