SG Man Books Taxi And Chases After Bus To Scream ‘F*** You’ At Driver Who Didn’t Wait For Him

Gotta respect the commitment.
We all get how frustrating it is when a public bus doesn’t stop for you and drives on after you’ve flagged it down multiple times.

A man in Singapore paid dearly with his wallet after he booked a taxi and chased after a bus just to scream obscenities at the driver for not waiting for him.

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Man boarding a bus
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Bus did not stop for man

According to Shin Min Daily News, a 73-year-old man named Tay Bok Leng was waiting for the Bus Service 13 at a bus stop along Lavender Street on Jan 14, 2022, along with his wife.

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After 20 minutes, the bus arrived at around 10.50pm but continued to drive on despite Tay flagging it down.

The bus driver later claimed he saw Tay waving at him after driving past the bus stop and that it was too late for him to stop the bus safely.

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Sg man books taxi and chases after bus to scream ‘f*** you’ at driver who didn’t wait for him
Photo via Google Maps

Chases after bus in taxi and swears at driver

Presumably furious by the driver’s failure to stop for him, Tay and his wife got into a taxi and chased after the bus all the way to Still Road.

After passing by two bus stops, the couple got out from the taxi and proceeded to accost the bus driver, where Tay reportedly screamed “F*** you”, “b*****d”, and “good for nothing” several times.

He was also maskless at the time of the verbal abuse.

Sg man books taxi and chases after bus to scream ‘f*** you’ at driver who didn’t wait for him
Photo via Land Transport Guru

Although Tay’s wife tried to stop him from shouting at the bus driver further, he continued in his verbal tirade, causing several passengers to lodge a police report.

The bus driver later stopped the vehicle along Marine Crescent to wait for police to handle the matter.

Fined RM19,00 in court

During a court hearing on Tuesday (Apr 4), Tay argued that the bus driver should apologise for failing to stop for him, adding that he couldn’t stand or sit for prolonged periods of time.

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However, when the judge asked him whether he felt he had done anything wrong, Tay suddenly had a change in tone and pleaded guilty.

He also requested the court to give him a lighter sentence as he was retired and had no income.

Tay was eventually slapped with a S$6,000 (RM19,847.85) fine for two offences — harassment and failing to wear a mask.

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What would be your reaction if the bus failed to stop for you? Share with us in the comments!


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