Emotionally distressed man tears through shophouse with a machete

What a scene.

KOTA BHARU – Police have arrested a man believed to be suffering from emotional distress after he went on a rampage with a machete at a shophouse.

The incident occurred near D’Klasik Kopitiam Taman Kenangan, Jalan Hospital yesterday (Oct 6).

Photo via Kosmo!

According to a post by My Kelantanese, the 55-year-old suspect was trapped on the second floor of the building’s stairwell after its occupants were alerted of the incident.

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The police later rushed to the scene and unsuccessfully tried persuading the suspect to turn himself in.

More backup soon arrived from the Fire and Rescue Department, who overpowered the suspect by spraying water on him with a hose.

Photo via YT/ Ir Meor Shamshir

Police then apprehended the suspect, who hails from Bachok, and confiscated the machete too.

Police’s investigation

Head of the Kelantan Criminal Investigation Department, Assistant Commissioner Wan Khairuddin Wan Idris, said the public contacted the police after witnessing the suspect brandishing the machete wildly at bystanders.

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He added that the suspect also suffered injuries to his left eye after being hit by high-pressure water.

“He is currently being treated at the Raja Perempuan Zainab II Hospital and has been remanded for four days starting today for further investigation,” he said.

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Cover Images via YT/ Ir Meor Shamshir

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