Drunk man attacks bus driver with a parang, only to be disarmed with ease

Oops, wrong opponent.

PORT DICKSON – A man believed to be under the influence of alcohol was arrested after attempting to injure a bus driver with a parang (machete).

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Port Dickson District Police Chief, Superintendent Aidi Sham Mohamed said the 8.30 pm incident occurred when the 58-year-old bus driver was approached by the suspect on a motorcycle while parking his vehicle at a bus stop in front of the Port Dickson Health Clinic.

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Drunk man attacks bus driver with a parang, only to be disarmed with ease
(Photo from Kosmo!)

“The 24-year-old suspect then proceeded to smash the door windows located on the driver’s left side with his helmet.

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“Both parties got into a scuffle and the suspect attempted to injure the victim with a parang, but the victim managed to snatch the weapon away and confined him to the passenger’s seat,” he said in a statement today.

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Aidi Sham said that the victim suffered minor injuries to his finger and cheek and incurred an estimated loss of RM1,000 in damages.

“The bus driver, who is a retiree and has served for 21 years in the army was skilled in Unarmed Combat (TTS), enabling him to successfully disarm the suspect and hand him over to the police.”

The suspect, who has a criminal record, tested negative for drugs and will be remanded for four days until next Tuesday (June 29).

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Sources: Kosmo, Cover image via Kosmo Online and World of Buzz

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