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19yo M’sian YouTuber Buys RM1.6Mil House To Thank Family For Their Support, Receives Praise Online 

19-year-old Malaysian YouTuber Bryson Lew has recently become the talk of town after he bought a RM1.6 million house to show appreciation for his family’s support in his YouTube career.

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Youtuber bryson lew introduces his new house
Screengrab via Youtube/Bryson Lew 刘铠翔

M’sian youtuber buys RM1.6mil house at 19

Bryson, who has been making YouTube videos for several years, shared that he used the money he had earned from his channel to purchase the house as there wasn’t enough space for his family to stay at the current house.

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Bryson lew purchases house worth rm1. 6mil
Screengrab via Youtube/Bryson Lew 刘铠翔

In one of the videos, he also recounted the previous project that he did with his family, adding that it was a tough decision to make as he was only 19 years old.

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I was unsure whether if I could afford it in the future or to bear such a huge burden at such a young age.

Youtuber bryson lew buys house
Screengrab via Youtube/Bryson Lew 刘铠翔

Receives praises online

Bryson’s act of filial piety towards his family has since received widespread praise and admiration from his followers and the public, who lauded him as an inspiration and role model for young Malaysians.

“Youngsters nowadays should learn from you […] you have set a very good role model for them.”

19yo msian youtuber buys house comment 01

“Your video is so touching and you are awesome! Continue to keep it up.”

19yo msian youtuber buys house comment 02

“Bryson is really a person who’s matured so early. Age is just a number and we should live in the moment.”

19yo msian youtuber buys house comment 03

“He has the ability to buy a house at only 19 years old […] You are also a filial person and I love the ambience of your new home.”

19yo msian youtuber buys house comment 04

Bryson’s story also serves as a reminder that even young people can make a positive impact in the world, and that there is always hope for a brighter future!

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19yo m’sian youtuber buys rm1. 6mil house to thank family for their support, receives praise online  | weirdkaya
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