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Telegram group exposes damning evidence of Ebit Lew engaging in lewd behavior, shocks many

This included masturbating and exposing his private parts.

The following article contains material that may be harmful or traumatizing for some.

A month ago, celebrity preacher Ebit Lew was called up to Bukit Aman to assist an ongoing sexual harassment investigation.

I was at the Bukit Aman D11 in my capacity as a witness to assist the investigation into allegations and gossip against me,” he told The Star.

However, Bukit Aman CID director Datuk Seri Abd. Jalil Hassan declined to reveal who the victim was and how many witnesses had come forward.

On Tuesday (Sept 22), Harian Metro reported that the investigation is still ongoing as police are in the midst of recording the victims’ statement.

More evidence revealed

However, just when we thought everything was relatively calm, a Telegram group called “Bukti Bukti Mangsa Ebit Liew” (Evidence of Ebit Lew’s Victims) recently released a series of screenshots and videos incriminating the preacher in sexually inappropriate behavior.

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Screenshot of 'bukti bukti mangsa ebit lew'.
Screenshot of ‘Bukti Bukti Mangsa Ebit Lew‘ .

As of today, more than 110,000 users have subscribed to the Telegram channel.

Within the Bukti Bukti Mangsa Ebit Liew channel, there were over 22 photos and videos showcasing evidence tied to Ebit Lew’s sexual harassment case.

This included screenshots of lewd conversations between him and his victims, some of whom were married.

Screenshot of 'bukti bukti mangsa ebit lew' (evidence of ebit lew's victims)

One screenshot showed Ebit Lew wanting to have “cute sex” and to see his victim’s private parts.

Screenshot of 'bukti bukti mangsa ebit lew' (evidence of ebit lew's victims)

In a horrific twist, one of the screenshots revealed that Ebit Lew had used the same phone number in initiating these conversations for one of his motivational talks too.

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Lewd videos of Ebit Lew

The alleged evidence also contained lewd videos of Ebit Lew displaying his private parts and masturbating in a video call.

Screenshot taken from bukti bukti mangsa ebit liew

Two police reports made against Ebit Lew leaked

Amid the trove of photos, there were also two police reports being shared in the Telegram group.

One of the victims claimed that Ebit Lew had been sexually harassing her since March via WhatsApp and video calls.

The police report stated:

“From March to July 10, Ebit Lew sent me a few pornographic pictures. I was angry and depressed over what he did, but I concealed it as many might not believe me.”

Another police report also claimed that Ebit Lew video-called another victim in June, where he masturbated and performed obscene acts. She also received sexual texts via WhatsApp.

Firdaus Wong: Something big will happen

Independent preacher Ustaz Firdaus Wong Wai Hung has hinted that “something big will happen in a day or two“.

This was after I held discussions with those who claimed to be victims of sexual harassment involving a well-known preacher in the country,” he said today.

This comes after Firdaus invited the public to come forward with evidence to make their case against a popular preacher.


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