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RM2.35 Artline Pen Used During Anwar’s Swearing-In Ceremony Almost Sold Out Online

It's sold out everywhere.

During the historical swearing-in ceremony that took place last Thursday (24 Nov), Anwar was seen using an Artline pen to sign official documents before becoming the 10th Prime Minister of Malaysia.

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The pen also got a close-up during the RTM livestream, and it quickly became the talk of the town over the affordable pricing.

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Artline 210 Medium 0.6 Pen

Eagle-eyed netizen also found the exact model of the men – Artline 210 Medium 0.6 pen in the colour black.

According to netizens, the Artline 210 Pen dries instantly as compared to other brands so that your work won’t be messed up by the ink.

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On Twitter, many netizens surprised that the Prime Minister didn’t use any branded pen during such an official ceremony.

Pen artline 0. 6 anwar swearing-in comment 03

Some even called it as “Pen Anwar”.

Pen artline 0. 6 anwar swearing-in comment 01

Some also shared that the said pen is currently out-of-stock after the swearing-in ceremony.

“Reason being [was the] footage of Prime Minister using the pen, which led to a surge in interest in buying it.”

Pen artline 0. 6 anwar swearing-in comment 02

“I will need to find the Artline pen tomorrow. This is the viral pen now.”

Pen artline 0. 6 anwar swearing-in comment 04

And yes, a check on Internet revealed that the Artline 210 pen in black colour is now sold out on all e-commerce platforms.

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You might need to wait a little longer to buy it now.

Shopee pen artline sold out
Screengrab via Shopee

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