[QUIZ] Your skincare is “HELLO CANNOT” if you score less than 6/9 here

How well do you understand facial skincare?

If you ask Google about skincare products and routines, Google will give you a million different answers.

There are overwhelming blogs and websites convincing you that X is the best skincare routine out there, or how Y product works best for all skin types and many many more.  

As a consumer desperate to get rid of our insecurities for smoother and clearer skin, we are easily persuaded by the compelling testimonies.

[quiz] your skincare is "hello cannot" if you score less than 6/9 here
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Depending on who you ask, a skincare routine can comprise of three simple steps to measuring the exact and right amount of prescription cream.

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Honestly? Each and every skincare routine is unique to the individual following it (or attempting to, anyway).

However, as the beauty and skincare market grew over the years, it can get rather confusing to get suitable products for your skin type.

So, let’s find out how well you know about skincare by answering the quiz below.

A simple guide to better understand basic skincare

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If you got all the questions correctly, CONGRATULATIONS! You are no novice to skincare. However, this still does not answer the big questions: What’s the most suitable routine for me?

Truth be told, after scouring the Internet for days, we have to admit, we don’t know. We could easily pick and choose the ‘best routine’ on the Internet and give it to you.

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[quiz] your skincare is "hello cannot" if you score less than 6/9 here
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However, how would that make us any different from the available resources online?

For that, our current advice is to consult a professional on this. Allow us to introduce an expert to answer all your concerns based on your condition and the best steps to take care of your skin.

Let the expert guide you

VIYA’S Malaysia provides consultation and treatment to cater to different skin types for each customer. Hence, the service they provide is able to make a significant improvement in the health and appearance of skin. They call it Cosmeceuticals.

Cosmeceutical is derived from a combination of the words of cosmetic and pharmaceutical. A skincare product with biologically active ingredients, including medical grade actives to improve and enhance skin health.

VIYA’s Malaysia

A customer has struggled with severe acne for eight years but was able to experience clear skin within fours months with VIYA’S.

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What more can I say, the picture speaks as a testimony itself.

[quiz] your skincare is

Skincare is healthcare, not vanity. So if you want your skin to stay in good condition, better start taking good care of it. PERIODT.

[quiz] your skincare is "hello cannot" if you score less than 6/9 here
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Editor: Grace Choong