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Digital artist photoshops himself into Southeast Asian desserts such as Onde-Onde, Cendol and more

Your favourite desserts, tambah pedas.

Indonesian-based digital artist, Lee Zhe Long, also known as Bang Lee has been making rounds on the internet for his ingenious photoshopping skills.

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The artist showcased his talents when he photoshopped himself into famous Southeast Asian desserts including Onde-Onde, Cendol, Kopi Abang and more.

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Though the some of the pictures were posted in 2019, Bang Lee’s photos gain popularity after a Thai Facebook page นักวิ่ง งานดี shared it recently.

The post has since circulated to a few Malaysian Facebook groups.

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Combining the best of both worlds: Hot guys and great desserts. Here are some of Bang Lee’s works:

1. Onde-onde

Our favourite dessert just got a little sweeter.

Onde-onde, a traditional Southeast Asian dish that one can easily be found in Indonesia and Malaysia. They are made with pandan infused dough and with gula melaka fillings.

Onde onde by bang lee
Your favourite Onde-onde with Bang Lee. Photo: Instagram/@leezhelong
2. Cendol

That’s one hot bowl of cendol.

A Malaysian favourite during a hot day. It is a sweet, iced dessert that contains green rice flour jellies, coconut milk and a sugar syrup known as gulu melaka.

Cendol by lee zhe long
Cendol tambah Bang Lee. Photo: Instagram/@leezhelong
3. Kopi Abang

One steamy hot Kopi O’ Kosong with soda crackers. What a good way to kickstart your day! Best gilerrr

Kopi abang by digital artist lee zhe long.
Photo: Instagram/@leezhelong
4. Pengat Pisang

Extra pisang, please.

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A lesser-known dessert prepared by simmering together sugar, water and santan (coconut milk).

Kolak pisang by digital artist bang lee
Photo: Instagram/@leezhelong
5. Seporsi goceng

Now that’s one fruity bowl of deliciousness.

Bang lee photoshopped seporsi goceng
Photo: Instagram/@leezhelong

Aside for that, Bang Lee also regularly shares his creative works on his Instagram account @leezhelong.

Mixed Opinions

Bang Lee’s post has garnered attention from both Thailand and Malaysia’s social media, with many sharing their thoughts on it.

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Bang Lee has the Thais head over heels over him as the post received over 1.2k likes and 2k shared at the time of writing.

However, the reactions from Malaysian netizens were polar opposites.

One asked that what exactly are we eating.

Comment under entrepreneurs and startups in malaysia 01

Another netizen also quipped that ‘something not right with his cendol’.

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Entrepreneurs and startups in malaysia 02

One also noticed the subtle difference in perspective between men and women.

Entrepreneurs and startups in malaysia 03

Another netizen also complimented the work, adding that it was haram.

Comment under entrepreneurs and startups in malaysia 06

What do you think? Comment below and let us know.

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Cover images via Instagram/@leezhelong

Editor: Grace Choong

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