Three thieves break into a petrol station and take RM50 with them

Each thief walked away with RM16.67 each

KANGAR –  A band of three thieves broke into a petrol station and stole RM50 before driving off in a stolen Kancil yesterday (August 11).

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The petrol station owner later noticed a broken window near the cashier at around 7 am when he came in for work.

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Thieves break into a petrol station and take rm50 with them
A window near the cashier was broken (Photo via Sinchew Daily)

Upon checking the CCTV footage, he realised that someone broke into the premises at 4.38 am with the thieves using a hammer to force their way in.

According to the owner, he had lost RM50 along with some receipts.

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Kangar police chief superintendent Wari Kiew said that they found the stolen Kancil at a river in Kodiang.

Thieves stole a kancil and break into a petrol station to take rm50 with them.
The Kancil was found in a river (Photo via Sinchew Daily)

He added that the Kancil belongs to a disabled man named Noorizan.

“He had left his car at the mosque’s parking lot before returning home at 9.30 pm, and realised that it wasn’t there anymore at 5.30 am this morning.”

Investigations are still underway to track down the thieves.

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Cover Images via Sinchew Daily

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Author: Raymond Chen
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