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Teochew Lao Er Review: 38-year local Teo Chew cuisine at the heart of KL

Teo Chew Lang, Ka Ki Lang.

Although I’m a Hokkien lang, Teochew cuisine has always been something that I’ve been wanting to try out, which was why I paid Teochew Lao Er a visit, a 38-year-old establishment famed for serving authentic Teochew food.

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Having heard many good reviews from my friends, I immediately had high hopes about the place and looked forward to digging in to delicious Teochew food.

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Located at the heart of Kuala Lumpur

Teochew Lao Er is situated right in in the centre of Kuala Lumpur, and is a stone’s throw from shopping malls like Time Square, Lalaport and Shaw Parade.

From the outside, the shop looked quite new and I was particularly impressed by the high level of cleanliness.

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Outside teochew laoer kl
Photo: WeirdKaya. All rights reserved.

It has also a big sign with “Restoran Teochew Lao Er” emblazoned on it so you won’t miss it out when you pass by.

Teochew laoer kl outside
Outside of Teochew Lao Er. Photo: WeirdKaya. All rights reserved.

According to the owner, Teochew Lao Er first started off as a mixed rice stall selling Teochew cuisine and later transformed into a restaurant in 2011.

Teochew laoer kl surroundings
Photo: WeirdKaya. All rights reserved.

There were also several photos hanging on the wall to pay tribute to Teochew Lao Er’s humble beginnings and the owner even told us that he’s the third generation to inherit the business!

Teochew laoer surroundings
Photo: WeirdKaya. All rights reserved.

Kuehs at Teochew Lao Er

The origin of Teochew kuehs can be traced back to ancient times, where people from this group used noodles to worship their ancestors. However, they had to turn to rice as the main ingredient in making the noodles as there was no wheat in the southern part of China.

In true Teochew fashion, the kuehs served at Teochew Lao Er are entirely made from rice and some of them include the black sesame and kaya kueh, both of which I found to be pretty average.

Variety of kuih at teochew laoer
Kuehs served at the restaurant. Photo: WeirdKaya

The outside of the kuehs was made with thick dough and shaped like a peach, a fruit synonymous with longevity among the Chinese community. 

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Kuih at teochew laoer 02
Blak sesame kueh. Photo: WeirdKaya

I’d say that the dough of the black sesame kueh was quite chewy and soft, thus requiring more chewing before swallowing it.

Kuih at teochew laoer 01
Blak sesame kueh. Photo: WeirdKaya

We also tried the ang ku kueh and the dough was slightly thicker than the black sesame kueh, which made for a even more difficult swallowing experience.

Kuih at teochew laoer

Lunch time!

We ordered the set menu for lunch, which came with three mains and one side dish for just RM45 (2 pax).

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However, the portion turned out to be way bigger than expected that it was enough to feed three people in reality.

Teochew lao er review: 38-year local teo chew cuisine at the heart of kl | weirdkaya
Teochew Lao Er Menu. Photo:WeirdKaya

We first tried their Pork Belly with Preserved Vegetables, also known as Mei Cai Kou Rou (梅菜扣肉), a classic Teochew dish.

As a pork enthusiast, I’m very particular when it comes to the gaminess of pork belly which, if not served fresh, will immediately be detected with the slightest sniff. Fortunately, the pork belly at Teochew Lao Er was done quite well and didn’t disappoint me.

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Stewed pork belly with mui choy teochew laoer 02
Pork Belly with Preserved Vegetables. Photo:WeirdKaya

The pork belly we had was juicy and melted instantly in our mouths, which delighted me immensely. However, my friend didn’t quite seem to share the same sentiments as he preferred lean meat. As for the preserved vegetables, the level of saltiness was just right.

Stewed pork belly with mui choy teochew laoer
Pork Belly with Preserved Vegetables. Photo:WeirdKaya

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Red Steward Platter at Teochew Lao Er

The Red Steward Platter was also another highlight of the meal, where it came with eggs, stewed pork belly, pork innards, and braised tofu.

Like the previous dish, both the pork belly and innards were perfectly stewed and full of flavour oozing right out of it.

Red stewerd platter close look
Red Steward Platter at Teochew Lao Er. Photo: WeirdKaya

However, the tofu was less than stellar compared to the other ingredients as I found it to be rather tasteless. My friend, on the other hand, really loved it.

Red stewerd platter close look 02
Red Steward Platter at Teochew Lao Er. Photo: WeirdKaya
Red stewed platter teochew laoer
Red Steward Platter at Teochew Lao Er. Photo: WeirdKaya

Interestingly, I stumbled upon a piece of meat that I didn’t quite know what it was, only to discover that it was called the Red Stewed Bath Chap, aka the lower half of a pig’s cheek.

Red stewed platter
Red Stewed Bath Chap. Photo: WeirdKaya.

Fried egg with Salted Turnip

Last but not least, we ordered the Fried Egg with Salted Turnip and I have to say…it really lived up to its salty aspect as it completely overpowered my tongue.

Fried egg with salted turnip teochew laoer
Fried egg with Salted Turnip. Photo: WeirdKaya

Dessert? Maybe not this time

The lunch set includes a serving of dessert, and this time we decided to go for the Black Sesame Soup. Alas, we didn’t manage to eat it on the spot as we were so full and had to tapao it instead.

Dessert at teocheew laoer

After leaving it inside the fridge for two hours, I was left disappointed by its bitter taste and overly thick texture, which left a slight dent in my overall positive experience at Teochew Lao Er.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Big portion of food
  • Authentic Teochew cuisine
  • Delivery available


  • Hard to find parking
  • Dessert not up-to-par

Visit Teochew Lao Er at the following address:

6, Jalan Brunei, Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Operating hours: 11am-10pm everyday

This is a non-halal eatery.

Disclaimer: This is an independent food review by WeirdKaya

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