School dropout at 14, entrepreneur at 23: KL man officially opens his own burger stall

We're sure that your father's proud of your accomplishments!

PETALING JAYA – After years of grit and determination, Muhammad Hazim Mohd Rosli finally fulfilled his dream of operating his own burger stall in October.

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He also managed to purchase a second-hand car with his own hard-earned money after owning a motorcycle for a long period of time.

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In an interview with mStar, Muhammad Hazim said that he left school at the age of 14 to help his mother with her laksa business shortly after his father died.

“I felt that I had the responsibility to look out for my younger siblings’ education and expenditures.

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I also remember feeling sad when I saw my mom working so hard to feed the family and that was when I decided to drop out of school to support the family,” he said.

During the course of assisting his mother, he slowly began to discover his interest in business and began to sell hats, shoes, and sunglasses.

However, he also admitted that his decision to quit school was a tough one as he had to think of his siblings and financially sustain the family.

“I also encountered many difficulties throughout my entrepreneur journey such as delivering orders with my motorcycle.

Even though I had to make several trips to the customer’s home, I didn’t care what others thought about me and simply carried on.


Allah bagi rezeki, terima kasih semua yang support ❤️

♬ PENANTIAN ARMADA – sadvibes🥀

Muhammad Hazim added that he has also resorted to selling his wares online and conducting livestreams on TikTok and Facebook due to the pandemic.

“I’m very lucky and blessed to finally buy a car and have my own burger stall in Ampang after years of owning a motorcycle.

“But I wished my late father was around to see my new vehicle and thriving business,” he said tearfully.

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Cover image via @hazim.rosli

Editor: Sarah Yeoh

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