Stern Action Will Be Taken Against For Those Selling Peranti Siswa Tablet Online, Says Caretaker Minister

The Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education (KPTM) has given out free Samsung tablets under the Peranti Siswa programme as a form of aid for students at higher educational institutes.

The initiative is well-received by undergraduate students as the tablets can increase study efficiency.

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On the flip side, the programme also sparked outrage after posts selling government-sponsored tablets on e-commerce platforms surfaced online.

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Stern action will be taken

One of them is caretaker Communications and Multimedia Minister Tan Sri Annuar Musa who told the public that stern action would be taken against the individuals involved in selling the device they received under the Keluarga Malaysia PerantiSiswa Programme.

According to Bernama, there are a total of 14 cases being reported nationwide.

“The Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs(KPDNHEP) is monitoring the development of the cases now,” he reportedly said.

He further condemned those who sell the device online, adding that it was indeed an irresponsible act.

Also, this behaviour violated the “akujanji” (pledge) that they signed when they received the table.

Annuar Musa: I am disappointed

Annuar shared that he was disappointed upon hearing the news.

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I’m deeply disappointed when the recipients of the tablets had the nerve to sell them openly online… I don’t think it’s appropriate as they are not for sale,” as reported by Bernama.

He also revealed that all tablets under the programme have an application that can track its owner to know whether it has been sold.

“So far, several of the PerantiSiswa tablets have been blocked from use,” he added.

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Stern action will be taken against for those selling peranti siswa tablet online, says caretaker minister | weirdkaya
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