Najib’s Daughter Gives Birth To Baby Girl, Exactly A Year Since He Was Sent To Jail

One year of Najib in prison.

In an emotional twist of fate, as former Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak marks his one year in prison, his daughter, Nooryana Najwa, welcomed a new addition to the family.

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Taking to social media, Nooryana opened up about the conflicting emotions she felt, sharing, “On the sorrowful anniversary of my father’s imprisonment, the birth of my daughter has somewhat softened the heartache we all feel.”

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With an endearing note, she added, “It’s as if my daughter, sensing her grandfather’s sorrow, chose this very day to enter the world.

A year into her father’s imprisonment, Nooryana continues to stand steadfast beside him.

She took a moment on Instagram to express her unwavering support, writing, “Even after a year full of ups and downs, heartbreak, and disappointment, I remain in awe of your commitment to always do the right thing and choose the virtuous path in a complex world of deception and injustice.”

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She recalled her father’s advice, likening leadership to a battlefield filled with injuries. Nooryana pledged to remain by his side, vowing to fight on for justice.

Earlier this morning, before the news of the birth of his granddaughter came to light, Najib took to his Facebook account to share a deeply introspective poem, marking his one-year stay in prison.

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