M’sian Man Uses His Own Money To Fix Potholes In Klang, Writes ‘My Money’ To Stop YB From Taking Credit 


A video circulated by Naratif Rakyat on X reveals a man in Klang personally repairing potholes on a road, and it has since gone viral on the internet.”

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The individual, who was fed up with the neglect of the issue by local authorities, took it upon himself to address the hazardous condition that has reportedly caused accidents and injuries, including a recent incident involving a motorcyclist.

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Klang man writes 'my money' on potholes he fixed 02
Screengrab via X/Naratif Rakyat

“The road has potholes that cause motorcyclists to fall. Despite complaining to the Taman Sentosa Klang assemblyman, there has been no action. Finally, the public will fix it with their own money!! What’s the point of having a government like this?” Naratif Rakyat wrote in the caption.

‘This is not YB’s money’

In the video, we can see that after fixing the potholes, he also painted ‘duit saya’ (meaning ‘my money’) on the newly repaired road, symbolizing his frustration with the inaction of the local government.

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Klang man writes 'my money' on potholes he fixed 01
Screengrab via X/Naratif Rakyat

This is my money. This is your money, but it’s not YB’s money. I’m writing it; otherwise, they will claim that this is the work they did. If I don’t write the word, we’ll be using our own money, and they’ll claim it as their work,” the man said in the video.

The incident also raises serious questions about the local council’s commitment to road safety and its responsiveness to citizens’ concerns.

One wrote: “Thank you for fixing the road, please vote for him in the upcoming general election.”

Comment01_m'sian man wrote 'my money' to fix potholes

“Pity our Rakyat, who have to use their own money to (fix the issue) and still pay taxes to the government,” another wrote.

Comment02_m'sian man wrote 'my money' to fix potholes

One person also accused that the assemblyman in charge has always gone missing whenever needed.

Comment03_m'sian man wrote 'my money' to fix potholes

You can watch the video here:

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