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M’sian Roads Ranked 12th Worst In The World, Even Worse Than Mexico


Potholes are a ubiquitous sight in Malaysia due to our weather, where you will basically experience it if you travel in Kuala Lumpur. Sadly, another fact of Malaysian life is local authorities’ extreme inaction and passiveness.

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Potholes making Malaysia famous again

And now, the potholes are making Malaysia famous again for the wrong reason as US-based online driver’s education firm Zuobi ranked Malaysia to have the 12th worst-quality roads in the world.

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According to the study, Malaysia scored an overall safety score of 3.32 out of 10 based on the following factors:

  • Road quality
  • Improvements in road quality
  • Road deaths
  • Relative size of the road network.

“More than 22 road traffic fatalities per 100,000 have occurred on Malaysia’s highways, only the second highest number of road traffic deaths in the world after Saudi Arabia,” it said.

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Singapore Ranked 1st

On the flip side, Singapore ranked at 1st in the list, where it is the only nation to score higher than 9 marks.

“It has the best road quality, as well as the fewest road traffic deaths, 1.69 per 100,000 people.”

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