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M’sian Man Puzzled Over Getting A Summon Despite Having OKU Sticker

“There needs to be clearer guidelines on eligibility”, he told WeirdKaya.
Not long ago, a Malaysian OKU individual voiced his frustration on social media after receiving a summon for parking his car in a time-controlled parking lot.

Through his X account, Fahaizal highlighted the quick issuance of parking summons by Kajang Municipal Council (MPKj) and questioned why his OKU card, displayed on the dashboard, was overlooked.

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He also posed the inquiry, “Aren’t OKU holders entitled to free parking?” The accompanying image depicted the summon issued on his vehicle.

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Officer issued summoned for an oku card holder
Photo via X/@Vandeeta3

Speaking exclusively to WeirdKaya, he further share details about the incident. He recounted parking his car at the spot for no longer than 40 minutes while he went out for breakfast with his family, only to return and find a summons on his car.

The father of three disclosed that while he had previously received three summonses, they were for parking in regular lots rather than designated OKU spots. Following his visit to the MPKj legal department, the summonses were subsequently revoked.

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“There were also instances where I parked in non-OKU spots, consistently displaying my OKU card on the dashboard, yet never receiving a summon,” he elaborated.

He visited MPKj for clarification

Kajang municipal council (majlis perbandaran kajang) building
Photo via Google Maps.

To address the matter, he visited the MPKj Corporate Office. Upon speaking to the officer, he learned that for an OKU individual to qualify for access to OKU parking and exemption from parking fees, one must apply for an OKU sticker and placard from the local council.

“Additionally, an OKU can use regular parking if designated OKU spaces are unavailable or far from their destination, without facing charges,” he clarified, cautioning against displaying the OKU card on the dashboard. He noted that officers have the discretion to issue summons in such cases.

He seeks more defined guidelines

On a separate note, he identified a lack of definitive guidelines regarding OKU parking eligibility when travelling from Selangor to other states.

He urged the Ministry of Health, Road Transport Department (JPJ), local councils, and relevant stakeholders to convene and devise solutions to streamline processes for OKU individuals.

“My suggestion is to standardize with a single registration and logo across all states for the convenience of OKU travelers,” he proposed.

Denied a viral statement

In the interview, Fahaizal also disclosed that there’s a message circulating in a Telegram group, claiming he was forced to pay the summons.

A screenshot of message from a telegram group
Provided to WeirdKaya

“I strongly deny this statement made by the anonymous person,” he emphasized. Fahaizal explained he learned about the message from a netizen who informed him about the viral message in the Telegram group.

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A kind person paid the summon

Regarding the summon he received earlier, he mentioned, “Upon visiting the MPKj legal department to settle my parking summon, I discovered it had already been paid by another person.”

Here is the full post:


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