“Will not happen again”: MBSA apologises for staff’s rowdy attitude towards customer

PETALING JAYA – The Shah Alam City Council (MBSA) has apologised for its staff’s unprofessional behavior towards a customer at its Kota Kemuning branch on April 26.

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It said that an internal investigation revealed that the conflict was caused by a misunderstanding between the staff and the customer.

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Screenshot via Facebook

MBSA apologises for the incident and will ensure that this will not happen again.

“The issue was resolved after the customer took a number and proceeded with the business license renewal,” it said in a statement.

MBSA also added that it welcomes opinions and suggestions from all parties to improve the quality of its services.

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The customer involved in the incident posted a now-viral video on Facebook on May 11, where she alleged she was given rude replies by a female staff.

After voicing her dissatisfaction, a male staff member became aggressive and began shouting at her while pointing his finger at her and even challenged her husband to a fight.

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