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Mass Shooting In Thailand Leaves 31 Dead, Including 23 Children

The gunman, who was an ex-officer, later killed himself.

A total of 31 people have died following a mass shooting at a children’s daycare centre at Thailand’s northeastern province.

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The shooting has left 23 children dead along with several teachers and an officer, reported Daily Mail.

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Police: Gunman was an ex-officer

According to a statement by Thai police, the gunman, identified as Panya Khamrap, had opened fire and fled the scene in a white four-door Vigo pickup truck, with the bumper falling off as he sped away.

He later killed himself with the same gun he used to carry out the mass shooting.

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Police revealed that Panya was kicked out of the army last year after failing a drug test.

While mass shootings in Thailand are quite uncommon, one incident that shook the nation took place in 2020, where a disgruntled soldier killed at least 29 people and wounded 57 across four different locations over a property deal gone wrong.


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