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[UPDATED] Former Japan PM Shinzo Abe Dies After Getting Shot At Nara

A person of interest may now be in custody.

Ex-Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe has been shot from behind while giving a speech at Nara today at 11.30am, reported NHK.

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According to one of its reporters, what sounded like gunshots rang out in the air and Abe collapsed not too long after.

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Shinzo abe
Photo via CNA

The reporter also claimed that Abe was bleeding as a result of the attack.

Many are also fearing the worst over Abe’s fate after it was reported by Japanese local media that the 67-year-old is not showing any vital signs.

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Unfortunately, Abe succumbed to his injuries hours later and was pronounced dead.

A 41-year-old suspect named Tetsuya Yamagami has since been arrested by police, who shot Abe with what appeared to be a homemade gun and is now being interrogated at the Nara Nishi Police Station.

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