Kind M’sian sells Proton Iswara for only RM1 to struggling frozen ‘roti canai’ seller

Some good news to wrap up 2021.

PETALING JAYA – A car workshop owner from Melaka decided to make a positive change to a 72-year-old frozen roti canai seller by selling a second-hand Proton Iswara Aeroback for only RM1.

RM 1 for a car

Shikh Muhammad Makhdad Haron, 48, who’s the owner of Makhdad Workshop in Durian Tunggal, told Malay Mail that he was informed by a friend in a mechanics’ WhatsApp group of Isa Abdul Ghani’s woes in selling his wares.

He added that Isa told him that he was in need of a car to deliver the roti canai to his customers.

Initially, he wanted to buy a second-hand car from my workshop with a budget of RM1,500 to RM2,000.

“However, I asked him whether he had RM1 with him and offered to sell the car to him for that price.

Shikh Muhammad also said that the RM1 was merely a ‘gimmick’ as he was ready to gift the car to Isa.

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I feel happy being able to help […] I’m called to offer him help by God even though the value isn’t much.

Sinar Harian later reported that Isa was deeply grateful for the Proton Iswara as he always faced transportation problems whenever he received large orders.

He is also relieved that he will be able to continue carrying out his business as a frozen roti canai seller to support himself and his 76-year-old wife.

Not his first time nor his last

Shikh Muhammad, who’s also a car enthusiast, is no stranger when it comes to giving away second-hand cars to those in need of it.

Previously, he had gifted a Proton Iswara to a woman selling nasi lemak.

He has also given motorcycles, tents, and grass cutters to Malaysians who need them to earn a living.

Thank you so much, Abang Shikh Muhammad!

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Cover Images via Sinar Harian

Editor: Sarah Yeoh