‘It’s Different From S’pore’s Roti Prata’ — TasteAtlas Defends Msia’s Roti Canai No.1 Ranking

The debate rages on.
Last week, international food and lifestyle website TasteAtlas released its ‘Best Breads in the World’ list, where Malaysia’s well-loved roti canai came in at the top spot out of 50 others.

As for neighbouring country and fellow competitor in the age-old race of whose food is better Singapore, its roti prata came in at 12th place.

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Roti canai ranked best bread in the world by tasteatlas
Photo via FB/TasteAtlas

S’poreans say both are the same

Naturally, seeing roti prata at 12th place didn’t sit well with Singaporeans, who argued that it was no different from roti canai.

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On the subreddit r/Singapore, netizens were bemused by the list, with one jokingly suggesting that the key difference which sets the two apart was that roti canai had a flavour advantage over roti prata thanks to the current currency exchange rate.

Difference between roti canai & roti prata reddit comment
Screenshot via r/Singapore

Local news outlet 8world News conducted an interview with several Singaporeans to get their thoughts on the list, where a majority of them opined that roti canai and roti prata were the same.

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However, a vendor claimed that due to the different flour used to make the breads, the taste is affected albeit slightly.

Sg vendor explains difference between roti canai and roti prata
Screenshot via 8world News

TasteAtlas: ‘They’re not the same’

Following the uproar, TasteAtlas released an article titled ‘No, they’re not the same: Roti prata vs. Roti canai‘ to clear the air surrounding the seemingly controversial list.

In the article, they mentioned three key differences between roti canai and roti prata:

  • Texture: Roti canai has a crispier texture while roti prata’s is chewier
  • Ingredients: Ghee is used to make roti canai, whereas roti prata uses condensed milk and sugar
  • Serving style: Roti canai is paired with “various curries” while roti prata comes with “lentil curry” and “sugar”
Roti canai vs roti prata
Photo via TasteAtlas

Unfortunately, this only seemed to anger Singaporeans all the more, who tore into TasteAtlas for its “garbage” defense.

'it's different from s'pore's roti prata' — tasteatlas defends msia’s roti canai's no. 1 ranking comment 1
Screenshot via TasteAtlas
'it's different from s'pore's roti prata' — tasteatlas defends msia’s roti canai's no. 1 ranking comment 2
Screenshot via TasteAtlas

What do you think of TasteAtlas’ explanation for the list? Let us know in the comments!


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