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‘Keep Calm, We Are Still Leading,” Says PAS President

He even wrote Putrajaya as his location.

PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang took to his social media account to reassure his supporters after UMNO issued a statement in support of a unity government not led by Perikatan Nasional (PN).

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“Keep calm. We are working on it. We are leading. They (our rivals) are planning. Allah is also planning. We are on the right side.”

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“God willing, we will prevail. The country will prevail,” wrote Hadi.

However, the post wasn’t well received by many, with many netizens asking the PAS president to stop thinking about becoming the federal government.

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“Please keep Hadi Awang away from becoming the leader of the country.”

Pas president keep calm comment 04

“Is there any other party that is in the wrong?.”

Pas president keep calm comment 03

An eagle-eyed netizen also noticed that he wrote ‘Putrajaya’ after his name.

Pas president keep calm comment 02

This is two days after PN president Muhyiddin Yassin claims he has the SDs of 115 MPs to support him as the 10th Prime Minister of Malaysia. It is also understood that PN is not agreeable to having a “unity government” previously.

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