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“I Had ‘Special’ Tasks To Do” – Hadi Awang’s Reason For Low Parliament Attendance Slammed By Netizens

Reasons rejected.

As GE15 is around the corner, the public closely examines past performances of Members of Parliament (MP), including their attendance.  

If you wonder what the statistics look like, check out WeirdKaya’s MP parliament attendance tier list!

Though not on our list, PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang did not have high attendance, according to MYMP, with a record of attending 10 out of 26 sessions.

The lawmaker defended his poor attendance record by claiming he had “special tasks” other than being an MP yesterday (Nov 11), reported Astro Awani.

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Abdul hadi awang
Photo via Astro Awani

“Not like going to School”

Following his claim that asset declaration is stupid and a way of showing off, Hadi might have struck us again by saying his poor attendance to the parliamentary sittings is due to other particular tasks.

Hadi also attributed his reason for seldom attending Parliament to giving younger ones from his party more chances to participate in sessions, as every party has its quota of attendance.

I’m not only assigned to the Parliament but also special tasks. Attending Parliament isn’t like going to school. The ministers also return to carrying out their work after answering questions.

“I’ve been in the Parliament for a long time, have attended and given speeches during many sessions, and I now allow MPs of the new generation to be involved in the sittings,” he said during the conference at his residence yesterday (Nov 11).

‘Don’t contest for MP seat then’

It seemed that the nationals did not sit well with Hadi’s statement, as many netizens blamed him for neglecting his responsibility below a tweet uploading the link to the news.

“If you have special tasks, don’t waste the rakyats’ time contesting for the MP seat. Let those responsible, patriotic and willing to contribute to the country be the representatives.”

Screenshot via Twitter/@FirdausAzil

“The most important task for an MP is to attend Parliament. If you can’t do so, please don’t compete (in the elections). How should you deal with the situation where a student didn’t attend school with the use that he has special tasks?”

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Screenshot via Twitter/@FirdausAzil

“Resign if you want to give opportunities”

Regarding Hadi’s statement that he wanted to provide opportunities to the younger ones, many asked him to resign if that was really what he planned to do.

“One of the main tasks of an MP is to attend parliamentary sessions. You don’t need to be an MP if you can’t even do that. If you want to provide opportunities for others to give speeches in the parliament, resign as an MP. Why hold the MP seat if you’re not doing the work as one should?”

Screenshot via Twitter/@FirdausAzil

One reminded the party leader not to get a salary for doing nothing.

“Hahaha he said he wanted to give opportunities to young people to give speeches in the parliament. If so, don’t compete in the general elections! Let those young ones participate in it and attend the parliament after winning. You were given a salary, don’t get it while doing nothing.”

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Screenshot via Twitter/@FirdausAzil

Criticisms coated with satire

Some netizens took it as a chance to showcase their level of satire, with one saying that Hadi was so occupied with special tasks that he got grade G in a parliament attendance report by Lumi News.

Screenshot via Twitter/@FirdausAzil

Another pointed out his alleged special task, which was defaming political opponents.

“Yeah, one of his special tasks was to slander political rivals and to take away people’s trust by accepting bribery of something which is forbidden in the religion.”

Screenshot via Twitter/@FirdausAzil

Do you think Hadi’s reason for his poor attendance record is acceptable? Let us know in the comments!


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