‘If You Need More, Just Ask’ – McDonald’s M’sia Clarifies On Viral RM10.60 Chili Sauce Issue, Receives Mixed Opinion Online

Following the uproar over a customer being charged RM10.60 MYR for 10 packs of chili sauce, McDonald’s chili sauce became the nation’s most talked-about condiment.

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Previously, netizens had complained that McDonald’s frequently cited shortages as a reason to deny customers extra chili sauce.

McDonald’s also responded to the issue and added that the customer insisted on paying for the chili sauce.

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However, McDonald’s Malaysia clarified on social media platform ‘X’ that customers can request more chili sauce if they wish to.

Mcdonald's comment on chili sauce ban

Still, comments from netizens appear to be less than convinced, accusing McDonald’s of being stingy.

Another wrote: “Honestly, even when asked for more, McDonald’s always gives so little chili sauce in proportion to the amount of food ordered.”

“I ordered a 20-piece chicken nugget and a burger, and they only gave 3 packs of sauce,” one wrote.

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'if you need more, just ask' - mcdonald's m'sia clarifies on viral rm10. 60 chili sauce issue, receives mixed opinion online | weirdkaya
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