McDonald’s M’sia Responds To Customer Being Charged For Chili Sauce Packets, Claims He Insisted On Paying For It

Restaurant finally breaks silence.

Following a claim that went viral over the weekend about a customer being charged for 10 chili sauce packets, McDonald’s Malaysia has filed a police report regarding an incident where a customer alleged that they were charged for requesting additional chili sauce at the McDonald’s Taman Buaya branch.

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Following an internal investigation and a review of CCTV footage, McDonald’s Malaysia discovered an initial oversight by the restaurant.

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The customer was unintentionally given a lesser amount of chili sauce than requested. In response, the staff promptly arranged for more chili sauce packets.

Customer insists to pay

However, tensions rose as the customer became verbally aggressive, insisting on paying for the additional ten chili sauce packets and demanding a receipt for the same.

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Despite the crew’s efforts to clarify that the chili sauce is complimentary, the agitated customer persisted in wanting to be charged for the ten chili packets.

McDonald’s Malaysia expressed its disappointment over the situation. They were particularly concerned with the aggressive demeanor of the customer and the spread of misleading information about the incident on social media platforms.

McDonald’s Malaysia: “No additional charge!”

Emphasizing their stand, McDonald’s Malaysia reiterated that they offer chili sauce to all customers without any additional charge. ‘

They also highlighted their commitment to the well-being of their crew, who continuously strive to provide top-notch service to Malaysians. The safety and welfare of their staff are of paramount importance to the company.

You may read the full statement here:

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Mcdonald's m'sia responds to customer being charged for chili sauce packets, claims he insisted on paying for it | weirdkaya
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