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GCC Announces First Mobile App Cooperation With Whoscall To Protect Global Community Against Scams

NFT Community joining the anti scam call army.

The Global Citizen Club (GCC), an NFT community founded by Malaysians, is setting its eyes globally and just recently announced its partnership with Whoscall, a caller-ID APP by Gogolook with 100 million downloads worldwide. 

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Phone scams are spiking at an alarming rate all across the globe. With such scams, the victim is usually tricked into losing their hard-earned savings or even their identity – all through a simple call or text from an unknown number. 

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So imagine if your phone could warn you against potential scammers – wouldn’t that make your life easier?

About Whoscall

Gcc announces first mobile app cooperation with whoscall to protect global community against scams | weirdkaya
Photo via Whoscall

Backed by Gogolook, a company excelling in anti-fraud technology, Whoscall is powered with advanced AI technology to protect users against suspicious callers and text messages, while also filtering out the important calls so nothing urgent gets missed. 

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In fact, as the largest number database in East Asia and Southeast Asia, with approximately 1.6 billion number entries and 100 million downloads on the App Store and Google Play, Whoscall has gained recognition and support from international law enforcement, and governmental authorities and opinion leaders.

GCC x Whoscall Partnership

Gcc announces first mobile app cooperation with whoscall to protect global community against scams | weirdkaya
Photo via Whoscall

With the issue of scams becoming more rampant and severe, Global Citizen Club has decided to introduce Whoscall to the GCC community as its first App partner. This collaboration is the first of its kind for both Global Citizen Club and Whoscall, as GCC is also the first NFT community that Whoscall has chosen to cooperate with.

According to Man Yong, the Country Marketing Lead for Gogolook and Whoscall Malaysia, “As one of the GCC NFT holders, I saw a lot of interesting activities initiated by Global Citizen Club. Being present in the community made me realize that scam cases are rising and getting more serious around the world. That’s what sparked the idea that Whoscall should come in to create awareness and educate the Global Citizen Club community on scam prevention.”

“I’ve been using Whoscall for years, and I really like the App and company very much,” said Wind Koh, co-founder of GCC. “At Global Citizen Club, we take security very seriously and we felt that Whoscall would be perfect for people who are busy so they don’t have to waste time answering unnecessary calls and being at risk for scams. 

Since we have a global community of users, we love that Whoscall is available internationally. As an NFT company that places a strong emphasis on visuals, design is also very important to us. Whoscall’s easy-to-use interface and minimalist 2D style gel with GCC’s timeless design too.”

While the App is free, Whoscall Premium offers more advanced benefits such as ad-free usage, automated number database updates, smart text message filtering and more. The features of Whoscall Premium may differ across regions.

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Now, Whoscall has generously offered Whoscall Premium to the Global Citizen Club international community. This partnership will be launched in 3 phases:

Phase 1: 30-Day Whoscall Premium

There will be a total supply of 8,888 codes available for GCC holders only. These codes can be redeemed for free on our website once the holders have logged into their membership portal. Each code is valid for one-time use and enables users to enjoy Whoscall Premium for 30 days.

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Phase 2: 90-Day Whoscall Premium

With these codes, both GCC and non-GCC holders can also enjoy Whoscall Premium by participating in social media activities hosted by Global Citizen Club and its celebrity partners. The unique codes will be sent to the winners privately. Each code is valid for one-time use and enables users to experience Whoscall Premium for 90 days. 

Phase 3: 1-Year Whoscall Premium + Limited-Edition NFT

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Apart from a 12-month Whoscall Premium subscription, GCC holders and everyone else will also receive a limited-edition GCC x Whoscall NFT on the Ethereum chain.

Gcc announces first mobile app cooperation with whoscall to protect global community against scams | weirdkaya
Photo via Whoscall

How to receive the 1-Year Whoscall Premium + Limited-Edition NFT

This will be open to everyone on Twitter and Instagram, including non-GCC holders:

1. Follow Twitter/ @gccnft or IG/ @globalcitizenclub.

2. After trying the 30/90-Day Whoscall Premium, post a creative review of the Whoscall App on your Twitter or Instagram.

3. Tag Twitter/ @gccnft or IG/ @globalcitizenclub and IG/ @whoscall_tw in your review.

4. Hashtag #WhoscallGCC and ensure that your profile is public so we can view your entry.

Details of the contest will be announced later. We will publish the winners on Twitter & Instagram, and will only contact them with our Official Account after the announcement.

Safety has always been a huge priority for Global Citizen Club. This partnership with East Asia and Southeast Asia’s leading anti-fraud App aims to protect the GCC community from phishing scams while introducing Whoscall’s innovative technology to the world.

Download Whoscall for free: https://whoscall.onelink.me/yz7G/GCC

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