Freedom is my choice: ‘KLCC Karen’ breaks her silence over mask controversy

'It is a choice, your choice, my choice.' She said.

Previously, we have reported a white Caucasian woman ‘KLCC Karen’ caught entering two shopping malls without wearing a face mask.

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She was also served with a RM3,000 fine for breaching SOPs.

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KLCC Karen: ‘My body, my choice’

Yesterday (6 Nov), Twitter account @117%WeThePeople uploaded a video featuring a woman who referred herself as ‘Karen Dior’ and shared her side of the story.

In the video, the woman said that she had moved from Manchester, England to Malaysia in her 20s and had a deep love for the country.

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My heart, my soul, my children all have a much-loved home here.

She then went on to assert that she was merely practicing her right to not wear a mask.

“Our song is freedom, freedom to choose what we eat, where we go, who we go with and what we do to our bodies medically or otherwise.

Klcc karen speaks out on mask controversies
Screengrab via @117WeThePeople

It is a choice, your choice, my choice.

“Many countries are giving the mandates, there are links below, you are invited to read them and form your own opinion,” she said.

‘We are free!’

The woman also used a few Malay words such ‘rumah terbuka‘ (open house) and ‘makanan enak‘ (delicious food) to prove her point.

Klcc karen speaks out on mask controversies(1)
Screengrab via @117WeThePeople

Rumah terbuka, open your eyes, open your hearts, open your souls, open your homes.

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“Open house. Love, laughter, joy, makanan enak.

Imagine an open house every day for the rest of your lives, all Malaysians, all one all united. A man who does not know his rights has no rights – we are free.

At the end of the video, she then shouted the phrase ‘Let’s go Brandon!’, a derogatory term aimed at U.S. President Joe Biden over Covid-19 restrictions.

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Cover Images via Twitter

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