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Daren Liew Resigns As Lee Zii Jia’s Assistant Coach After Just A Year

He cited 'personal reasons' as the primary cause.

Daren Liew, the esteemed coach of the Malaysian badminton sensation Lee Zii Jia, has officially announced his departure from Team LZJ.

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Extends gratitude to the team

In a heartfelt statement released on Friday (30 Dec), Liew expressed that his journey with the team had reached its conclusion due to personal reasons.

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He described his experience with the team as a “meaningful chapter” in his badminton career, acknowledging the emotional weight of his decision.

Liew reflected on the memories and accomplishments he shared with Team LZJ, emphasizing the profound impact the team had on his life.

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Team lzj says thank you to coach daren
Screenshot via IG/Team LZJ

He extended his gratitude to the team, wishing them success in the upcoming season. Liew’s statement also included a message to his supporters, reassuring them that this departure is not the end of his involvement in badminton.

He also hinted at taking some time to recharge before embarking on a new adventure in the sport he has known since childhood.

It is also understood that

Team LZJ: Respect his decision

The official Instagram account of Team Lee Zii Jia also issued a statement on the matter.

In the statement, the team expressed that it has agreed to accept Daren Liew’s resignation with ‘the heaviest of feelings’.

Daren liew & lee zii jia & wong tat meng
Screenshot via IG/Wong Tat Meng

“We respect his decision,” it added.

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“Daren has been an integral part of the team since day one and has played an important role in the development of Team LZJ. His presence will be sorely missed by all within the team. As such, the doors at Team LZJ will always remain open for Daren.”

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The team also expressed gratitude for all he has done and wished him all the best in his future endeavors.

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