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‘Daddy’s All Alone’ – Yana Najib Expresses Concern About Najib Celebrating Raya Alone In Jail

Najib is set to release on Aug 2028.
In a heartfelt post on Najib Razak’s Facebook page, his daughter, Yana shared the emotional toll of celebrating Hari Raya without her father.

Selamat Hari Raya, daddy. The festive season is upon us, and I felt a deep sadness while cleaning the house earlier,” she wrote, encapsulating the sorrow of missing a loved one during festive times.

Yana also shared insights into her father’s favorite Raya rituals, now painfully absent due to his incarceration.

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Najib in jail
Photo via FB/Najib Razak

In his heart, he surely wishes to visit his grandparents’ graves, a wish unfulfilled. Every year, we would return to Pekan to celebrate with the villagers. That’s his favorite Raya moment.

‘Still missing our MVP, bossku’

The weight of Najib’s absence is felt keenly by his family, especially during a time of celebration.

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“It deeply saddens us to think of daddy celebrating Raya all by himself, facing life’s trials one after another,” Yana revealed, shedding light on the difficult circumstances faced by Najib in confinement.

Despite Najib’s absence, his family made a poignant visit to Tun Abdul Razak’s grave, deeply feeling the void left by Najib.

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Through Instagram posts, Yana expressed the family’s longing with captions like “Still missing our MVP, Bossku,” and shared a family Raya photo, poignantly noted as “Minus one,” reflecting on Najib’s absence.

Najib Razak, who is serving a jail term has recently received a sentence reduction following a royal pardon, setting his release for 2028.

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