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M’sian Cat ‘Nana’ Still Visits His Late Owner’s Grave 5 Years After His Passing 

Better than some hoomans.

A faithful Malaysian cat named Nana has touched the hearts of netizens after he was seen visiting the grave of his previous owner, Ab Aziz Ismail, at the Kampung Paloh Islamic Cemetery.

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Went viral three years ago

The story of Nana first went viral three years ago when he was spotted walking by himself to visit the grave.

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Nana visits grave
Source: Harian Metro

Harian Metro reported that Nana, who is now nine years old, still maintains his routine of visiting his late owner’s grave, although he does so less frequently due to health issues stemming from an accident at the end of 2021.

Despite experiencing reduced mobility and appetite, Nana is still being looked after by the family.

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Nana’s Activity level decreased after accident

Norhazlin Mohamat Nozi, the son-in-law of the late Ab Aziz also told the Malay daily that Nana used to be healthy and often accompanied them to the cemetery.

Nana's family. Jpg
Source: Harian Metro

“However, after the accident, Nana’s activity level has decreased, and he sleeps more often. Nevertheless, people in the Kampung still recognize Nana and ask about him when they haven’t seen him for a while,” he added.

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Nana was born into the family and became Ab Aziz’s pet until his passing in July 2018 due to kidney complications. Nana’s visits to the cemetery are not his only daily activity. He spends time on a relic car and a swing, which were his owner’s favorite places.

Despite Nana’s fame, the family prefers to keep his private life out of the public eye. They are grateful that Nana is still with them and has never disappeared.

Nana’s touching story serves as a reminder of the deep bonds that can form between humans and their animal companions.

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