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“No Need For Zahid To Resign As BN Is The Kingmaker For GE15,” Says Ahmad Maslan

Self-reflect is more important.

UMNO Secretary-General Datuk Seri Ahmad Maslan recently said that the leadership of Barisan Nasional (BN) did not need to take the blame and resign due to the defeat of the 15th General Election.

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Ahmad Maslan: Self-reflect, instead of resign

On the contrary, he suggested that all parties should reflect profoundly and work together to find improvements and bring the party back together.

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He pointed out that although the BN won lesser seats in this GE, it has become the “kingmaker” in forming a unity government, reported Astro Awani.

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“If you want to the leaders to resign as a way to show responsibility, so many people have to do so. So, since we don’t want many to resign, no one has to resign.”

“We solve what needs to be solved. Our party is big but wins only a few seat. However, we are the ‘kingmaker’ of the unity government.”

“So, without asking anyone to resign, let’s reflect on what happened. We are grateful that although we won GE15 by a narrow margin, it was a crucial victory.”

Ahmad Maslan reportedly said so after attending a dialogue meeting with Benut voters today(27 Nov).

In addition, he hoped that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar would consult with the chairman of the Barisan Nasional or the leadership of the Barisan Nasional on the appointment of a new cabinet, because this represents the voice of the coalition.

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