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3 Men Throw Stray Dog Into Crocodile-Fested River For Stealing Their Food


A disturbing video showing a stray dog being tossed into a crocodile-infested swamp and subsequently devoured has recently gone viral on social media.

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3 men caught throwing a dog into river

According to CNN Indonesia, the incident occurred in Tarakan, North Kalimantan, and features two men partaking in the cruel act while a third individual records the event.

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3 men throw stray dog into crocodile-fested river for stealing their food 1
Screengrab via IG/ahsforindonesia

In the video, two men, dressed in company uniforms, carrying a dog by its head and tail. They then swing the animal back and forth as the individual filming counts to three.

TW 🚨 Animal Abuse.

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The men release the dog into the swamp and can be heard laughing as the animal cries out in distress, struggling in the water.

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3 men throw stray dog into crocodile-fested river for stealing their food 2
Screengrab via IG/ahsforindonesia

Local animal association to report to police

Several Indonesian animal advocacy groups reported the incident to the police when the video began making rounds on social media.

3 men throw stray dog into crocodile-fested river for stealing their food 3
Screengrab via IG/ahsforindonesia

Doni Herdaru, head of Animal Defenders Indonesia, announced in a press release on Friday (June 16) that representatives from the organization will travel from Jakarta to Tarakan to report the abuse to local law enforcement.

They have also managed to identify the three individuals featured in the video.

The police have named the three suspects as DF, SR, and WA. They allege that the trio committed the atrocity out of frustration, as the stray dog had often stolen and eaten their food.

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Not arrested or detained

Despite the gravity of their actions, the suspects have not been arrested or detained, as the maximum sentence for their crime under Indonesian law is nine months in prison.

According to Indonesian criminal law, a suspect or defendant can only be detained if the crime they have committed carries a penalty of imprisonment of five years or more.

The three suspects are facing charges under the Criminal Code relating to animal husbandry and health.

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Dismissed from company

The individuals involved have also been dismissed from their roles at PT Jaya Mimika Lestari (JML), a supplier of construction equipment.

The director of the company also stated that the company does not condone the actions of the three former employees.

He emphasized that, although the men were seen in their company uniforms while committing the act, it took place outside of their working hours. The company has deferred to the authorities for all legal processes.

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“As we wait for the legal process to unfold, we will concurrently terminate our employment ties with [the three suspects] as per the relevant labor law, Djamal stated.

He further issued an apology on behalf of the company for the actions of the former employees, declaring,

“We, as an organization, regret and apologize for the incident precipitated by our irrational staff members.”

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