Group Of M’sian Animal Lovers Rescue Stray Dog From Cliff At Damansara Perdana

Bravery on display.

Whenever a stray animal finds itself in a sticky situation, you can always count on Malaysians to come to their rescue.

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This is what a group of animal lovers did for a stray dog that got itself stuck on a cliff’s edge at Forest Hill, Damansara Perdana last Saturday (Mar 18).

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Faced several obstacles

The dog’s predicament was first highlighted by the Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty to Animals Selangor in a Facebook post.

Group of m'sian animal lovers rescue stray dog from cliff at damansara perdana
Photo via FB/SPCA Selangor

Thankfully, netizens managed to enlist the help of animal lover Francis Poh by tagging him in the post.

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After understanding the situation and mapping out the rescue mission, Poh along with three others set out to save the stray dog on Mar 19.

“We initially planned to climb the hill from the lake but after about two hours, we abandoned the plan as the terrain was not conducive.

“We then set out on an alternative route starting from a construction site atop the hill but we faced more obstacles,” he told Malay Mail.

Poh explained that the group had to hike a considerable distance while guided by the site supervisor and fellow rescuer Kevan De Silva before they could pinpoint the dog’s location.

Rescued stray dog from cliff

Thankfully, the group managed to determine the dog’s location and one of the rescuers named Gan coordinated the team’s efforts from the lakeside.

Once the dog’s position was verified, Poh and De Silva rappelled down the cliff, with the latter cradling the dog in his arms.

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The canine was later set free at the construction site after the team safely made their way back to the top.

While the group sustained scratches from thorny vegetation, no serious injuries were reported.

Poh described how Gan utilized two colored umbrellas to direct the team to the dog’s location, while fellow rescuer Azhar Abd Majid waited in a boat below in case the dog fell into the lake.

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The mission was brought to a close at 4.30pm and the team treated themselves to a meal to celebrate.

Read the post about the rescue mission here:

Kudos to the dedication Malaysians coming to the assistance of the stray dog!

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