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“I Got Bored” – 14yo M’sian Student Picks Rubbish At Bus Stop Every Day While Waiting For Bus To Come 

He also said that it is now part of his daily routine.

Y Joshua, a secondary school student from Lukut, Port Dickson, can best be described as conscientious for his admirable habit of cleaning up garbage at the bus stop near his school while waiting for the bus to come.

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Part of his daily routine

According to a report by Harian Metro, the 14-year-old student has made it a part of his daily routine to clear litter from the area while waiting for the bus.

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Joshua shared that he started cleaning up because he felt bored while waiting for the bus and wanted to do something productive.

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He also takes pride in his actions as they contribute to the cleanliness of the surroundings.

“I collect the scattered rubbish around the bus stop and in the nearby drains every day. It gives me a sense of satisfaction to know that I am doing something beneficial and helping to keep the area clean,” he said.

Urger bus stop users to take responsibility in keeping it clean

Although the bus stop is a public space where he waits to go home, Joshua emphasized that his motivation is not to receive favors from nearby vendors but rather to genuinely tackle the litter problem.

While Joshua has made this routine a regular practice, he also hopes that fellow bus stop users will take responsibility for their waste and make use of the available trash bins.

Joshua’s commitment to making a difference during his wait is truly remarkable. Kudos to him for his exemplary actions!

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