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101yo Grandma Sells Snacks & Toys At Provision Shop In S’pore, Proves That Age Is Just A number

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A wave of nostalgia and a heartwarming connection has been revitalized through a recent TikTok video showcasing the endearing spirit of the olden days preserved at Lean Seng Lee Trading Centre, a provision shop located in Singapore.

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101yo Singaporean woman still working despite old age

Manned by a 101-year-old Singaporean woman, the provision shop transports visitors to a time when simple joys were found in an assortment of snacks, drinks, and toys that adorn the shelves of such mama shops.

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101yo grandma sells snacks & toys at provision shop in s'pore, proves that age is just a number 1
Screengrab via TikTok/bibipew

A visit to this shop was recently documented by TikTok user @bibipew, who shared his delightful experience, introducing a younger generation to the charming world of traditional provision stores.

In the clip that has since warmed the hearts of many, @bibipew narrated his interaction with the elderly shop owner who primarily communicates in Hokkien.

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101yo grandma sells snacks & toys at provision shop in s'pore, proves that age is just a number 2

Although not fluent in Hokkien, the TikTok user managed to enjoy a friendly encounter with the owner, who, despite language barriers, portrayed an inviting and warm demeanor.

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TikToker urges S’poreans to support

The heartwarming story reached its peak when, as a gesture of support, the TikTok user handed over S$20(RM93.50) for his purchases, encouraging the owner to keep the change.

@bibipew 101 YEARS OLD AH MA MAMASHOP IN SINGAPORE Beauty world 美世界有一个101岁啊嬷开的MAMASHOP lean lian lee trading #sharesomelove #support #simlimtower #tiktoksg #fyp #icecream #icecreamcart #sharingiscaring #love #101yearsold #101岁啊嬷 #啊嬷 #beautyworld #dtl #美世界 #mamashop #hokkien #福建话 #零食 #连胜利贸易 #leanlianlee #leanlianleetrading ♬ 【No drums】 Emotional space-like epic … – MoppySound

In an act of unexpected but welcome generosity, the shop owner handed him three extra packs of snacks instead, leaving a deep impression of community, kindness, and the spirit of giving.

At the end of the video, the TikTok user also urge the members of public to support the woman so that she can finish her work earlier.

Tiktoker urges public to support her

For those yearning for a slice of the past and a touch of heartfelt connection, the Lean Seng Lee Trading Centre in Beauty World Centre Singapore awaits with open doors and a heartwarming smile.

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