Uncle Kentang Feeds Old Man Who Was Abandoned By His Kids, Tells M’sians To Appreciate Their Parents More

"If you love your parents, don't wait until tomorrow."
Parents will do anything to make sure that their children are well clothed and fed, to the point of sacrificing their own personal comfort and resources to do so.

Unfortunately, some don’t reciprocate the love being shown to them and instead abandon their parents by leaving them at an old folks’ home or worse still, at public places.

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Uncle Kentang feeds old man at kopitiam

One such heartbreaking instance was brought to light by well known philanthropist Uncle Kentang, whose real name is Kuan Chee Heng.

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In a series of photos shared on his Facebook account on Wednesday (Sept 6), it showed him feeding an old man who was lying on a reclining chair a bowl of noodles at a kopitiam.

In another photo, Uncle Kentang is seen helping the man hold a saucer as the latter sipped on a cup of tea.

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‘We’re here even if your kids don’t want you’

Behind the seemingly heartwarming photos was a sad but familiar story of how the old man got to where he was.

In the caption, Uncle Kentang wrote that the man was sent to an old folks’ home and never had the chance to patronise a kopitiam.

“He was taken care of by an Indian staff and was virtually waiting for death to come for him.

Uncle, please take care of yourself. Although your kids don’t want you anymore, we’ll be here for you.

“I hope this will not be your last bowl of noodles or siew mai. I don’t want to wait for the day when I bring joss sticks to your grave then only will I buy food for you cause it will be meaningless,” he wrote.

‘Love your parents more’

Uncle Kentang also called upon Malaysians to show appreciation and love to their parents while they still can.

If you love your parents, don’t wait until tomorrow. Treat them to their favorite meal. Don’t wait until you have to buy food to give as an offering to them.

“Don’t just say that you love them but put it into action. Your parents don’t need you to bring them to a Michelin restaurant or five-star hotel to have a meal. Even a stall by the roadside is enough to make them happy. Don’t wait anymore.”

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When was the last time you told your parents how much you loved them? Remember to tell them while there’s still a chance!


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