“What the f*ck, sh*t!” SPM candidate shouts at invigilator during English exam

The teacher declined to disclose the student's details.

Yesterday (February 25), a female teacher who recently completed her duty as an SPM invigilator shared an “intolerable” event that occurred during the examination on social media.

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In the video, she expressed her surprise over a SPM candidate’s outburst and derogatory words being hurled towards her, something she felt was totally uncalled for.

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According to the teacher, she noticed the student had fallen asleep during the English exam. She tried waking him up “in the politest way”, but he ignored her and continued to sleep.

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Ten minutes into the exam, the student raised his hand and informed the teacher that he wanted to leave the exam hall. However, the teacher told him that he couldn’t do so under SPM rules. Angered by her response, he shouted “What the f*ck, sh*t!”, much to the shock of the teacher and everyone present.

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“You did not pass the exam. We did everything for you. We have been standing for 2 hours and haven’t had our lunch, and this is what we get in return?!”

The video has since garnered 233k views, 4.3k reactions and 5.3k shares at the time of writing. Although many netizens egged the teacher on to reveal more details about the student, she declined to reveal his race and personal information.

At the end of the video, she sarcastically wished the candidate good luck for his upcoming examinations and future endeavours.

You can also watch the full video here:

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Sources: Fb/Navin Kumar
Editor: Yu Ang Tan
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“what the f*ck, sh*t! ” spm candidate shouts at invigilator during english exam | weirdkaya
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