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No Idea Why Type-C Is Trending? Here Are 8 Of The Funniest Memes/Puns To Keep You C-onnected

Everyone in Malaysia is talking about ‘Type C’, and if you’ve been skipping social media lately, you’re definitely missing out.

It all kicked off when a restaurant called DFC dropped a controversial comment online, targeting a group they labeled a certain racial group as ‘Type C’ —which is a not-so-subtle racial slur.

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Although they’ve since apologized, the Internet did what it does best—turning the whole mishap into a meme-fest.

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Here’s a roundup of the funniest and most clever memes that have everyone cracking up:

No.1 goes to TGV ’cause your crush will love it

Btw, where is the GSC admin this time?

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Embracing unity with puns

This sounds like a wonderful pantun that promotes unity in Malaysia and definitely deserves to be featured.

Type C assemble!


TLDR version of the origin story

Well, of course we are funny too!

Low-key promoting ourselves too but seriously tho this meme is on point!

Tired of K-dramas?

Wo ai ni, bao bei! (I love you, darling!)

Where’s the lightning?

Don’t stereo-type

Ok bye!

Check out the memes we curated just for SPM candidates back in 2022 here:

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