“We Have Been Scammed” Says M’sian Burger Hawker Who Loses RM96 To Customer Who Left Without Paying

The OP alleged that these scammers used this same trick at other stalls.

In this digital age, making payments has become more convenient for everyone, but it also comes with its fair share of risks.

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A Malaysian burger hawker recently shared his unfortunate experience where a customer tricked him by ordering burgers, faking a payment through a QR code, and then running away with the burgers without settling the bill, resulting in a loss of RM96.

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Msian making burgers at his stall
Photo provided to WeirdKaya

M’sian loses RM96 to burger scammer

Sharing this through his TikTok account, @mohdazroyampang Mohd Azroy revealed how he was tricked by the two burger scammers.

Speaking to WeirdKaya, the owner explained that the incident took place around 8.30pm as he was preparing orders for other customers.

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“Two people came using a motorbike to my stall, a woman in her 40s who looked like she was under influence and another man in his 20s, probably her son.

“Then they ordered two triple crispy burger sets, one special double venison burger, and one special double beef burger.”

Burgers that been made for customers
Photo provided to WeirdKaya

Came back to collect burger after a while

Azroy’s wife handed the burgers to the woman and told her it was RM48 in total. However, the woman then ordered the same sets of burgers again.

Following the request, his wife informed the woman that the total payment for all the burgers was RM96.

Then, the woman pretended like she was scanning the QR code, but later she said she didn’t have enough credit and needed to go home to take money.

They used the reason, and they both simply left the stall, taking the first set of burgers along with them.

“After they left, my wife had a gut feeling something wasn’t right, saying they were scammed.”

“We waited around until we closed the stall, but they never showed up,” Azroy explained, noting that he was relieved that his wife had stopped him from making the second order, saving them from another significant loss.

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Not their first attempt

Azroy also mentioned that these duos have been doing similar scams at the nearest roadside shops for a long time, and he has now become one of the victims.

So to all vendors, whether your customers are paying with cash or using a card through a QR code, make sure to check thoroughly to prevent falling victim to such scams.

Watch the video here:

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