This M’sian Chef Sells 400 Packs Of Nasi Lemak Daily For RM37 In Shanghai

He also mentioned that the people of Shanghai have grown to love the dish.
Malaysian nasi lemak is gaining popularity in Shanghai, thanks to Chef Shah and his eatery, One Coconut One Rice.

The Chinese foodie, EatAi亦太, shared a TikTok video showcasing Chef Shah’s restaurant and his famous nasi lemak.

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Chef Shah, who speaks Mandarin, said in the video that he has been living in China for 15 years.

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Shanghai nasi lemak
Screenshot via TikTok/Eatai786

He runs the restaurant with his younger brother, ensuring that all ingredients used for their nasi lemak are halal.

In the video, EatAi亦太 asks, “How many can you sell a day?” Chef Shah proudly replies, “In one day along with deliveries, I can sell almost 400 plus.”
Chef shah sells 400 packs nasi lemak in shanghai
Screenshot via TikTok/Eatai786

According to the menu shown on the video, the Nasi Lemak is selling at 52 yuan (RM33) for members and 57 yuan (RM37) for non-members.

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Menu of nasi lemak
Screenshot via TikTok/Eatai786

Chef Shah explains that people in Shanghai have developed a taste for nasi lemak because he educates them on how to enjoy the dish.

Chef shah sharing his shanghai nasi lemak
Screenshot via TikTok/Eatai786

He even creates videos to introduce nasi lemak to his customers.

The video, which was posted on May 1, has garnered over 331k views at press time, with many asking for the exact location of the restaurant.

Customers particularly love his nasi lemak sambal, which Chef Shah describes as extremely mouth-watering.

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