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The Shiba Inu As The Face Of Viral ‘Doge’ Meme Is In Critical Situation 

The Japanese Shiba Inu who becomes an internet sensation for starring in a viral ‘Doge’ meme is now in a critical situation.

The shiba inu as the face of viral 'doge' meme is in critical situation  | weirdkaya

Diagnosed with leukaemia

In an Instagram post, the Shiba owner, Atsuko Sato, shared that the 17-year-old pooch is diagnosed with acute cholangiohepatitis, a type of inflammation in the digestive system, and chronic lymphoma leukaemia, a blood cancer.

The shiba inu as the face of viral 'doge' meme is in critical situation  | weirdkaya

Kabosu(The Shiba’s name)’s situation is very dangerous. But it will be alright. It’s going to be alright. [This is] because we get our power from all over the world! Thank you very much everyone,” she wrote.

In a separate post, the teacher also said that Kabosu’s liver level is bad and jaundice appears, adding that the antibiotics will definitely improve.

Doge kabosu meme critically ill

She also added that Kabosu has an appetite and can drink water for now.

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My mind became blank as I wasn’t expecting her condition to be so bad. But Kabo-chan has shown us many miracles so I am sure that this is not the end. I am sure she will show us a miracle once again,” she said.

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Viral ‘doge’ meme 13 years ago

The Shiba Inu becomes one of the most popular memes on the internet after a picture of him with a bemusing emotion with a sideway glance and paws elegantly crossed posted online.

Although the picture was posted 13 years ago, it is still one of the most used memes on the internet.

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