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Special Officer To DPM Urges Alcohol Drinks To Be Banned After 10 pm In 24-Hour Premises

The special officer in charge of Indian affairs to Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Datuk Seri Ramesh Rao Krishnan Naidu has urged the government to ban the sale of alcohol after 10 pm in all 24-hour premises.

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According to e-Nanyang, Ramesh Rao explained that late-night drinking is usually excessive, leading to an increased risk of incidents such as traffic accidents, fights and even crimes.

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Special officer to dpm urges alcohol drinks to be banned after 10 pm in 24-hour premises | weirdkaya

Ramesh Rao, the president of Pertubuhan Minda dan Sosial Prihatin, a non-governmental NGO (NGO), further added that such a ban would protect the younger generation from engaging in activities that are not beneficial, pointless as well as harmful to them in the long run.

Alcohol Ban benefits in the long run

“This measure will have a better long-term effect on the community and families because each individual will be protected from the worrying dangers of the influence of alcohol,” he reportedly said.

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He emphasized that young people should be encouraged to engage in activities that help them and their families rather than drinking alcohol.

He said that this initiative would not only benefit the Indian ethnic group, but would also benefit other drinking communities so that their well-being can be better protected, and their personal health will also be secured.

“As a start, local authorities can impose a ban (on alcohol sales after 10 pm) in retail premises that operate for 24 hours in their regulated areas,” he shared.

He hopes this initiative will improve the quality of social life in the community and allow people to live healthier and more harmonious lives.

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