SG-Registered Mercedes Floats Away In Johor Flood, Netizens Joke That It Wanted A Car Wash 

Premium car wash.

In an incident that has captured the attention of netizens, a red Singapore-registered Mercedes was seen drifting in floodwaters in Johor, Malaysia.

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The video, shared by the Facebook page SG Road Vigilante – SGRV on December 6, showcases the aftermath of a flash flood that struck the area.

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Sg-registered car floating around johor 2
Screenshot via FB/SG Road Vigilante – SGV

The footage offers a panoramic view of the waterlogged street before focusing on the Mercedes, submerged and drifting in the murky waters.

Sg-registered car floating around johor 1
Screenshot via FB/SG Road Vigilante – SGV

A bystander across the street, standing between two vehicles, is seen capturing the scene on his phone.

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The unusual sight quickly garnered significant attention online, with the video racking up over 97,000 views and more than 900 shares.

‘Free car wash’?

Social media users expressed a mix of amusement and sympathy, with some humorously remarking that the car was receiving a “free wash.”

One wrote: ” [it] can float back to custom”.

Sg-registered car float comment 01

“It’s cheaper to do a car wash in JB so choose Premium Wash.”

Sg-registered car float comment 02

One sarcastically wrote: “I believe I can float, I believe I can touch the goat.”

Sg-registered car float comment 03

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