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SG Man Wins RM860 In 4D For Using Last Four Digits Of His Taylor Swift Concert Queue Number

Huat ah.

A Singaporean man netted S$250(RM866) by wagering on the initial four digits of his queue number for the Taylor Swift The Eras concert.

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Taylor swift
Photo via IG/Taylor Swift

Man shares his experience online

On TikTok, the user who goes by the handle “@its_all_marc”, detailed his unique experience on the social media site.

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Taylor swift singapore concert 1
Photo via TikTok/@its_all_marc

He was part of the massive wave of Swift’s fans, known as Swifties, that eagerly tried to purchase tickets during the UOB presale for The Eras Tour on July 5, 2023.

Given the queue number hit a staggering million, his relatively early queue number 53875 placed him close to the front.

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Taylor swift singapore concert 2
Photo via TikTok/@its_all_marc

Managed to get the ticket after all

Despite successfully choosing his seats, his plans fell apart when he attempted to finalize the purchase but was faced with an “error rate exceeded” notification.

Left with no choice, he reentered the queue, joining a million other eager Swiftie fans.

In the comment section, he confessed to another fan that he finally decided to quit, stating “I gave up haha there were hardly any tickets left and it seemed the queue was no longer moving. 😭 But, good luck to you!!”

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However, in another response to Mothership, Marc shared that he eventually got the tickets.

Man wins rm866 4d taylor swift concert comment 02

Wins RM866 in 4D using the last four digits of his queue number

Possibly in a flash of creativity, he chose to gamble on the first four digits of his queue number – 5387.

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Image from @its_all_marc/TikTok. And fortune favored him, as a rearrangement of his number, 3785, was picked as a starter prize in the lottery on July 5, 2023.

As per his TikTok video, this stroke of luck bagged him a tidy sum of S$250(RM866).

At the comment section, another netizen also shared that she would have also won 4D if she used the queue number to buy the lottery.

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Man wins rm866 4d taylor swift concert comment 01

Another netizen, inspired by the OP, also shared that he asked his father to buy as his queue number was 4 digit.

Man wins rm866 4d taylor swift concert comment 03

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